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Grand Solutions: Realization of the four green missions

Frist: 16. August 2022

The Grand Solutions programme invests in projects that create concrete solutions to politically prioritized societal challenges, preferably with an interdisciplinary approach. This call must contribute to the green transition within four focus areas:

  • Capture and storage or use of CO2
  • Green fuels for transport and industry
  • Climate- and environment-friendly agriculture and food production
  • Circular economy with a focus on plastics and textiles

The projects will contribute to reaching Denmark's goal of a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 and CO2 neutrality in 2050, as well as contribute to the goals for nature, environment and biodiversity.

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Innovation Fund Denmark invests in ambitious research and innovation projects that create new and concrete solutions to important societal challenges, and which create value for Denmark. The fund supports projects with a focus on research, development and in some cases demonstration. This could be product development, new processes or building and developing research competencies.


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