Innofounder Autumn 2022

Frist: 7. September 2022

This autumn, Innofounder is inviting early stage startups to apply for their 12-month acceleration program, which will help companies to move from the idea phase to financial sustainability. Companies that obtain admission into the program will receive a monthly scholarship of DKK 27,500 for 12 months for up to 3 founders, a development grant of DKK 100,000 as well as an associated business mentor, expert presentations, pitch events and more.

Startups from all industries are welcome and applicants will be judged on the quality, impact and execution of the idea.

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Innofounder funds knowledgebased projects in the early stages where development of the technology, product, service and business model has not yet been completed. The Innofounder programme runs for 12 months and provides economic support in the form of monthly grants for up to three founders as well as a development grant of DKK 100.000. The acceleration programme provides mentoring, presentations by experts, pitch events and much more.

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