InnoFounder - Experienced

Frist: 12. März 2020

You can apply for support from InnoFounder - Experienced if you have an innovative business idea and considerable research and / or work experience.

InnoFounder-Experienced lasts 12 months and offers:

  • Monthly support of DKK 30,000
  • Grants of SEK 100,000 for business development
  • Ongoing dialogue on experiences and needs along the way with InnoFounder

Förderung von Projekten innerhalb:

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Lassen Sie uns ein unverbindliches Gespräch führen über Ihre Möglichkeiten, die Unterstützung durch Innofounder zu erwerben.

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Über Innofounder

Innofounder supports entrepreneurship and start-ups in the early phase, where technology, product, service and business model are not yet fully developed. The program runs over 12 months and provides financial support in the form of a monthly scholarship and a grant as well as sparring.

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