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Über Innofounder

Innofounder is a program under by Innovation Fund Denmark investing in promising start-ups, founded by either newly graduated or experienced academics or by researchers. The program is built around monthly scholarships and a grant. The aim is to accelerate the development of innovative business ideas from early stage to market- or investor-ready stage

Possibilities with Innofounder

Companies with up to three founders can attain an total investment (grant) between 0.2 and 1.5 million kr.

Requirements under Innofounder

To apply for Innofounder - Graduate you must have completed a higher education within the last 24 months 

To apply for Innofounder - Experienced you must have significant research and / or work experience.

Innofounder - Graduate

The program extends over 12 months and provides (per founder applying):

  • Monthly support of DKK 15,000
  • Grants of DKK 35,000
  • Experienced mentor, space in coworking space, monthly workshops, network access with investors other start-ups, designers and large companies.

Innofounder - Experienced

The program lasts 12 months and offers (per founder applying):

  • Monthly support of DKK 30,000
  • Grants of DKK 100,000 for the development of a business idea
  • Ongoing dialogue about experiences and needs along the way with Innofounder

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