Industrial Researcher

Industrial PhD in the private sector (themed)

Frist: 13. September 2022

Innovation Fund Denmarks's Industrial PhD programme supports the employment of PhD candidates in private companies to carry out business-oriented research that contributes within:

  • Green research, technology development and innovation
  • Life science, health and welfare technology
  • Strategic and challenge-driven research and innovation in new technologies

The fund finances the PhD student's salary with up to 17,000 DKK per month for 3 years (maximum 50% of the actual salary expense). In addition, the company will receive 100,000 DKK, which can be used for the PhD student to participate in project-relevant conferences and ECTS-eligible courses at home and abroad. The DKK 100,000 covers travel expenses, accommodation, etc.

Förderung von Projekten innerhalb:

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Über Industrial Researcher

Innovation Fund Denmark’s Industrial Researcher Programme aims to bridge the gap between companies and universities. The programme provides support to private companies and public institutions to hire a PhD student or post.doc graduate to carry out business-oriented research projects in collaboration with a university.

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