Horizon Europe: Civil Security for Society

Disinformation and fake news are combated and trust in the digital world is raised

Frist: 23. November 2021

This call supports projects that develop digital tools and training materials that enable the assessment of the origin, veracity and trustworthiness of digital content by identifying altered or fake generated information to combat illegal activities associated with disinformation and fake news and to raise trust in the digital world. Project results are expected to contribute to some or all of the following outcomes:

  • Public (police) authorities, other relevant practitioners and (social) media organizations are provided with better, modern and validated tools and training materials to tackle those activities related to disinformation and fake news that are considered as crime or could lead to a crime.
  • Common approaches are made available to policy-makers and security practitioners for analysing risks/threats, and identifying and deploying relevant security measures related to disinformation and fake news, which take into account legal and ethical rules of operation, cost-benefit considerations, as well as fundamental rights such as privacy and protection of personal data.
  • Improved understanding of the cultural and societal aspects of disinformation and fake news, as well as on the key challenges related to combating it.
  • Strengthened key personnel's knowledge regarding disinformation campaigns.
  • Enhanced perception of security thanks to an increased awareness of the citizens about the value of verified and trustworthy data sources and their content, obtained through education and training materials on trustable sources of information.

This fund has a budget of EUR 16 million and expects a maximum contribution of approximately EUR 4 mio. per project

Call ID: HORIZON-CL3-2021-FCT-01-03

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Über Horizon Europe: Civil Security for Society

Horizon Europe: Civil security for society’s aim is to support the implementation of EU policy priorities relating to security, including cybersecurity, and disaster risk reduction and resilience. There are six specific areas of impact within this cluster:

  • Better protect the EU and its citizens against Crime and Terrorism.
  • Effective management of EU external borders
  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Increased Cybersecurity
  • A Disaster-Resilient Society for Europe
  • Strengthened Security Research and Innovation
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