Horizon 2020 ICT

COMPET-2-2017: Competitiveness in Earth observation mission technologies

Frist: 1. März 2017

The aim of this topic is to demonstrate, in a relevant environment, technologies, systems and sub-systems for Earth observation. Proposals should address and demonstrate significant improvements in such areas as miniaturisation, power reduction, efficiency, versatility, and/or increased functionality and should demonstrate complementarity to activities already funded by Member States and the European Space Agency.

Proposals that develop technologies targeting TRL 6, or lower TRLs, are welcome.

Proposals are sought with relevance in the domain of technology development for space in the fields of:

  • Optical technologies.
  • Detector technology and complete detection chain enhancement.
  • Space sensors.
  • Active antennas for radar.
  • High performance and miniaturised optical (ultra-violet, visible, infra-red), and SAR sensors.
  • Sensors, actuators and control technologies for high precision Attitude and Orbital Control Systems (AOCS).
  • Technologies to advance in fractionated systems and formation flying for Earth Observation.

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