Horizon 2020 ICT

SU-ICT-02-2020: Building blocks for resilience in evolving ICT systems

Frist: 19. November 2019

Algorithms, software and hardware systems must be designed having security, privacy, data protection and accountability in mind from their design phase in a measurable manner.

Proposals are invited against at least one of the following three subtopics: Cybersecurity/privacy audit, certification and standardisation; Trusted supply chains of ICT systems; and/or designing and developing privacy-friendly and secure software and hardware.

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With the support from Horizon 2020 ICT companies, organisations and public bodies can perform international R&D projects supporting EU policy areas in information and communication technology. Grants are given to projects within the following categories: Technologies for Digitising European Industry, European Data Infrastructure: HPC, Big Data and Cloud technologies, 5G, Next Generation Internet (NGI), Support to Hubs and Cyber Security.

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