Horizon 2020 Foodstuffs and Bioeconomy

1 - 5M € für forschung, entwicklung und demonstration innerhalb:

Über Horizon 2020 Foodstuffs and Bioeconomy

Horizon 2020 Foodstuffs and Bioeconomy has a strong focus on how to keep the EU in the lead of developing and marketing new technologies in the field of foodstuffs and biotech, combined with the development of new solutions that are responding to needs from industries and society. With a successful application to the program, companies can get:

  • 1-5 MEUR for technology and product development
  • IPR – Intellectual Property Rights
  • Network to partners
  • Access to new markets
  • Technology and knowledge transfer

Possibilities with Horizon 2020 Foodstuffs and Bioeconomy

The Horizon 2020 Foodstuffs and Bioeconomy program delivers opportunities for both SME’s and large companies to cofinance their development of new technologies and the use of existing technologies in new a context. Therefore the program is also interesting for more conventional production companies and not only companies in advanced technology. The most important is that the company is facing a technology challenge or is having an idea to solve a technical problem. Horizon 2020 Foodstuffs and Bioeconomy is both cofinancing research, development and demonstration activities.

Horizon 2020 Foodstuffs and Bioeconomy calls will be offered to projects within the following categories (see current calls below):

  • Sustainable Food Security: From functional ecosystems to healthy food, environment and climate-smart food production and consumption, building capacities
  • Rural Renaissance: From farm to society: understanding dynamics and modernising policies, organising sustainable food and non-food value chains under changing conditions, taking advantage of the digital revolution, boosting innovation and enhancing the human and social capital in rural areas
  • Blue Growth: Sustainable resources, sustainable European aquaculture, and bio-based plastics

Requirements for Horizon 2020 Foodstuffs and Bioeconomy

There are a number of requirements that need to be met to be considered for Horizon 2020 Foodstuffs and Bioeconomy:

  • Innovation height – the product or technology needs to be novel and solve an European problem
  • Large market potential or great socio-economic impact – minimum 100 MEUR over 5 years
  • The project requires international cooperation

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