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SC5-09-2018-2019: New solutions for the sustainable production of raw materials

Frist: 19. Februar 2019

Securing sustainable access to raw materials, including metals, industrial minerals and construction raw materials, and particularly Critical Raw Materials (CRM), is of high importance for the EU economy. However, the EU is confronted with a number oftechnological challenges along the entire production value chain of primary and secondary raw materials.

All actions should develop sustainable and resource-efficient solutions through industrially- and user-driven multidisciplinary consortia covering the relevant value chain of non-energy non-agricultural raw materials.

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With support from Horizon 2020 Environment you will be able to conduct international research projects in support of EU policies for environment. Support will be given to projects aimed at mitigating negative environmental impacts, i.e. projects aimed at waste and recycling, water innovation, and carbon emissions reduction and climate protection.

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