0,3 - 7M € für entwicklung und demonstration innerhalb:


The energy technological development and demonstration program (EUDP) has a yearly budget of app. 170M DKK for co-financing the development and demonstration of new and effective energy technologies.

With a successful application of the program companies will receive:

  • 2.5-50M DKK for development and demonstration
  • A network of partners for development and commercialisation
  • Technology and knowledge transfer

The purpose of EUDP is to exploit and develop the Danish business potential within the energy sector, as well as reaching a number of political goals including supply security, a cleaner environment, and cost efficiency.

Possibilities with EUDP

EUDP provides opportunities for SMEs as well as large companies as long as the company is connected to the energy sector or has a desire to enter into the industry; the key factor is that the company or consortium has a project idea which focuses on resolving an energy technological problem. With EUDP companies can receive co-financing for:

  • Projects encompassing the development and/or demonstration of new and efficient energy technologies
  • Research projects directly improving or supporting demonstration activities
  • Development of public-private partnerships for energy technology

Requirements for EUDP

EUDP supports projects that conduct experimental testing of a technology, system or method under reality-like conditions followed by marked introduction. EUDP can provide grants for development and/or demonstration of all energy technologies contributing to reaching political goals for energy within: 

  • Wind Power
  • Heating
  • Energy efficiency
  • Bioenergy
  • Smart energy and system integration
  • Oil and gas

Kommende Aufrufe

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Under this call, applicants can ally for funding for international collaborative projects, for projects conducted by technology partnerships and for analysis and dissemination.

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