FFI - Trafiksäkerhet och automatiserade fordon

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Über FFI - Trafiksäkerhet och automatiserade fordon

FFI is a partnership between the Swedish government and automotive industry for joint funding of research, innovation and development concentrating on Climate & Environment and Safety. Initially set to run from 2009-2012 with no definite ending year. FFI has R&D activities worth approx. SEK 1 billion (1 miljard på svenska) per year, of which half is governmental funding. FFI will contribute to the following main goals: Reducing the environmental impact of transport, Reducing the number killed and injured in traffic and Strengthening international competitiveness. This sub-programme aims to contribute to the long term vision of zero traffic related deaths, mainly by promoting the development of safer vehicles in a modern road infrastructure.

Possibilities with FFI - Trafiksäkerhet och automatiserade fordon 

The sub programme includes:

  • Analysis, knowledge and enabling technologies
  • Basic safety features of vehicle crashworthiness
  • Driver support and related interface between drivers and vehicles, and interfaces with other road users
  • Intelligent and collision avoidance systems, and vehicles
  • Automated vehicles into the transport system

Requirements for FFI - Trafiksäkerhet och automatiserade fordon 

Funding is available to any company from any nation which has entered into some kind of agreement with an industrial contract party within FFI. All projects eligible for funding should be relevant to the Swedish automotive industry. Foreign companies must also establish their presence and trade in Sweden.

An application is normally submitted by the person leading the project. 
Industrial contract parties are:

  • Volvo Group
  • FKG (Scandinavian Automotive Suppliers)
  • Scania  
  • Volvo Car Corporation

All FKG members are welcome to submit applications following central approval from FKG.

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