Horizon 2020 ICT

GALILEO-1-2017: EGNSS Transport applications

Frist: 1. März 2017

The specific challenge of this topic is to develop innovative EGNSS based applications in aviation, road, maritime and rail that will make EGNOS and Galileo more available to transport users and enable new end-to-end solutions that require accurate and resilient positioning and navigation.

Innovation activities within this topic should build on: 

  • Exploitation of the distinguishing features of EGNOS and Galileo signals
  • Implementation of EGNSS based pilot projects and end-to-end solutions, ready for use by the private or public sector
  • Standards
  • Exploitation of synergies with other positioning and navigation systems

Proposals may be submitted in any of the following four transport domains: 

  • Aviation
  • Road
  • Maritime
  • Rail

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